PPS dust filter for coal-fired boiler

Aug 02,2023

By:Wuxi TR Filtration Ltd

A power station in Hebei province of china has one set 130T coal-fired boiler which use Terui PPS filter cartridge , the machine has been running for nearly a year and achieved the expected target and requirements, differential pressure <1000 Pa, emission concentration<15mg/Nm³。

The main technical parameter of this dust collector is following :

1, 1 set 130T circulating fluidized bed boiler.

2, PPS high temperature filter cartridge :

      Size : φ133*2000mm

      Quantity : 2058 pcs

Terui always commits to the filter material research , development and manufacture , has many modern filter cartridge production equipment, and do PTFE membrane processing . At the same time , we are working on research and development of NANO materials.

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