How to choose the filter cartridge?

Aug 02,2023

By:Wuxi TR Filtration Ltd

1. It varies according to the temperature. If the temperature is less than 130°, polyester and polyester with PTFE membrane filter cartridges can be selected; if the temperature is between 170° and 220°, PPS, Nomex, and P84 filter cartridges can be selected.

2. Top loader MTR, UTR, HTR filter cartridges can be selected according to different installation forms, which can completely replace traditional filter bags. For working conditions with low dust concentration, large filter cartridges, such as φ324 and φ352mm, can be selected.

3. Depending on the nature of the dust, you can choose a filter cartridge with or without PTFE membrane. The filtration accuracy of the PTFE membrane filter cartridge is 0.3um~1um, and the filtration accuracy of the non-membrane filter cartridge is 5um.



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