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Multi Pocket Type Bag Filter Housing

SS304/316 Construction
Size # 2 Liquid Filter Bags
EPDM rings standard
100 psi Maximum Working Pressure
Stainless Steel Strainer Baskets and Internal Bag Support Rack
Quick Opening Bolt Top

Product Details

Multi pocket type filter housing is designed for high capacity pollution or large flow filtration requirements. Multi pocket design for conventional 2-24 bags. Quick opening design and with top cover auxiliary lifting rocker arm. The bag can be installed 0.5m2 series. 304 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel and other materials, it's applicable to the treatment of a variety of acid and alkali liquids.

Specification & Advanrage : 

1. Multi bag filter housing ( 2-24 bags)design structure.

2. Suitable for high capacity sewage or large flow needs

3. Importing and exporting a variety of sizes (DN80-DN300), convenient for direct docking

4. Equipped with standard flange, ensuring adequate strength of equipment and pipe load capacity

5. The design of quick opening, unscrew the nut that can open the cover, convenient maintenance;

6. Excellent welding quality, safe and reliable;

7. High strength stainless steel bolt and nut, corrosion resistant, durable;

8. Outside surface processing sand blasting, easy to clean.

9. Dual exhaust and drainage design makes the bag filter housings safe and convenient for use.



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