What is the temperature of the FMS needle filter bag?

Aug 02,2023

By:Wuxi TR Filtration Ltd

FMS high temperature resistant needle felt has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance and so on. After different surface chemical treatment and finishing process, with easy to clean, water and oil repellent, anti-static and other functions, can withstand 200℃-300℃ high temperature.

Compared with glass fiber filter material, the wear resistance, bending resistance and peeling strength of FMS filter material are significantly improved. Can withstand high filtration load, filtration speed up to 1.5m /min or more, low running resistance. Compared with the synthetic fiber high temperature resistant filter material, it overcomes the disadvantages of large elongation, large deformation, low temperature resistance and poor corrosion resistance. The size is stable, the strength is good, and the price is lower than other high temperature resistant chemical fibers. Widely used in iron and steel, non-ferrous smelting, chemical industry, coal, building materials, electric power and other industries.

Coated needled felt is a composite filter material which reduces the pore size of PTFE to less than 5μm and covers the surface of needled felt. The characteristics of the coated filter material: the surface of the PTFE film is smooth, and the surface of the ordinary filter material is superimposed, and all the dust can be captured on the surface of the film at one time to achieve surface filtration. Due to the smooth surface of the film, excellent chemical stability, no aging, hydrophobic, the dust adsorbed on the surface is easy to peel off, improving the service life of the filter material.



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