What are the functions of the bag dust collector

Aug 11,2023

By:Wuxi TR Filtration Ltd

The promoting effect and basic principle of the bag dust collector are deduced:

1.The pile foundation of the pulse bag dust collector should pay attention to avoid deformation, in the equipment factory, the key components are welded with lifting ears, please use lifting ears to expand the pile foundation.

2.Pulse bag type dust collector box, bag room, inlet and outlet, ash bucket, etc., after installation, all connected partitions should ensure airtight, clearly require welding and sealing, to implement airtight welding, connected with the machine tool, with a gasket, and tighten all the machine tools. Apply silicone or epoxy to dry areas to protect them from rain. The sealing quality of the bag dust collector is an important factor affecting the normal operation and service life, and the air box pulse bag dust collector clearly requires the drying rate of less than 3%.

3. When assembling the gas passage part, the main gas pipe has been made in the factory, as long as the assembly is completed that night, the control gas pipe (connecting the lifting valve cylinder) should be opened and installed that night, such as sleeve buckle, and it is clearly required that all pipes will be clean and free of debris, all joints should be filled with sealing materials, and no air leakage through La Sutland.

4.Adding the bag cage and filter bag is a thorough and meticulous work, so it should be placed in the installation of expansion, installation, filter bag should not collide with sharp objects, hook scratches, even small scratches, will greatly shorten the service life of dust filter bag. The method of adding filter bag is to first put the dust bag into the bag room by the opening of the box flower plate, and then pinch the spring ring at the bottom of the bag mouth into the front mouth, and put it into the box hole plate, and then make the spring ring recover, so that it is tightly pressed on the circle of the flower hole, and gently insert the bag cage from the bag mouth until the lining of the bag cage is really pressed in the box at the end of the flower plate hole. In order to avoid the death of the filter bag, it is clearly required that each filter bag be installed and the dust removal metal structure be installed. Add filter bag, dust bag cage and flower hole plate.



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