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Dulpex Basket Strainer Bag Filter Housing

For Continuous and High Flow Rate Applications
Valves that permits operation of the valves with a single handle.
DUOLINE housings are available in carbon steel or stainless steel for size 02 (double length) filter bags. End connections are either 2" or 3" flanged.

Product Details

With a variety of unique duplex strainer filter options, Rosedale Products provides continuous flow solutions based on your project’s exact specifications. We offer the following model options in Carbon Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, or 316 Stainless Steel for your continuous operation needs.

Duplex basket strainer advantage: 

The duplex strainer is a better solution, and offers many benefits:

• Four separate valves are used, all operated simultaneously by a single lever.

• Valves use the standard butterfly design, known for their effective seal, low pressure drop, and low cost.

• Any of the valves can be serviced individually, without need to disturb the other valves or piping. 

• Valves are soft-seated to provide bubble-tight closure.

• A variety of seal materials is available for use with several hard-to-handle fluids.

• Mechanical stops assure that the valves are completely open or closed.

• A single-valve pressure balancing vent system is furnished to ease movement of the lever and to fill the just serviced vessel before use.

• Vents in filter covers and drain ports in filter housing speed evacuation and filling.

• Remotely operated power actuators and automatic power actuation (triggered by pressure differential sensing) are offered. Air or electric actuation is best if such power is available.


• Lubrication systems

• Marine & industrial oil burners

• Chemical plants

• Cooling lines

• Compressors

• Condensers

• Ink supply lines

• Pumping stations

• Cooling tower water lines



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